Adjusting Entries Crossword Puzzle

Adjusting Entries Crossword Puzzle

In a real company, most of the mundane work is done by computers. Accounting software can perform such tasks as posting the journal entries recorded, preparing trial balances, and preparing financial statements. Students often ask why they need to do all of these steps by hand in their introductory class, particularly if they are never going to be an accountant. If you have never followed the full process from beginning to end, you will never understand how one of your decisions can impact the final numbers that appear on your financial statements. You will not understand how your decisions can affect the outcome of your company. An informal device for accumulating and sorting information needed for the financial statements.

  • Over the past few weeks, I’ve created some interesting crossword-specific training methods , but, upon reflection, these aren’t exactly new training methods.
  • Underneath the clue, the program displays the number of letters in the answer.
  • This has been a lot of work , so I should probably try to quantify what I’m gaining by completing this portion of my training.
  • Accelerated learning is all about finding ways to receive fast or immediate feedback, and adjusting the training approach in real-time based on this feedback.
  • Tomorrow, I need to return to the Crossword Trainer with the seriousness that I had when I first started using it.
  • Click an empty white square in the puzzle grid and a question box will appear.

I don’t prematurely pass judgments about my abilities , and 2. I bring an optimally focused, creative mindset to each puzzle, ensuring that I’m operating at my maximum level of clue cracking. Crossword puzzles are basically a test in vocabulary, general knowledge, wordplay, and letter-proximity statistics. Also, today, I came across a few clues where I knew I had studied the answers previously during a Crossword Trainer session, but couldn’t actually remember what I had supposedly “memorized”.

How Do I Choose The Words To Use In My Word Search?

Every weekday we compile our most wondrous stories and deliver them straight to you. We depend on ad revenue to craft and curate stories about the world’s hidden wonders. Consider supporting our work by becoming a member for as little as $5 a month. Therefore, in total, I spent 46 hours on this month’s challenge. I mostly used the Letter Trainer as a twice-daily 15-minute warm-up activity during my last week of training. In total, I spent 3.5 hours on this activity — plus 0.5 hours building the Letter Trainer. By using this data-driven approach, I was able to quantitatively ensure that I optimally sequenced my training, prioritized by the highest impact activities.

A common characteristic of adjusting entries is they involve one balance sheet account and one income statement account. Let’s assume that Servco Company receives $4,000 on December Adjusting Entries Crossword Puzzle 10 for services it will provide at a later date. Prior to issuing its December financial statements, Servco must determine how much of the $4,000 has been earned as of December 31.

Try to find some letters, so you can find your solution more easily. If you’ve got another answer, it would be kind of you to add it to our crossword dictionary. Over the past few weeks, I’ve created some interesting crossword-specific training methods , but, upon reflection, these aren’t exactly new training methods. Instead, it seems that there is some kind of physics that governs what can and cannot find its way into a crossword puzzle, resulting in grids with contents that are heavily correlated.

I’ve considered a few other variations of this program (multiple question marks per answer, two answers intersecting at a question mark, etc.), but this most simplified version seems to be sufficient for now. Sometimes, if the clue is suggestive of a foreign language, a name, etc., my guess will change to incorporate this new information. Then, I would erase the dead-end guesses, try to proceed with the puzzle, and, once I got stuck again, revert back to more letter-based guesses. I will need to train my brain’s crossword abilities in a very analogous way.

To record this accrual, an adjusting entry is made that debits Repairs Expense and credits Accrued Expenses Payable. The post-closing trial balance for Printing Plus is shown inFigure 5.8.

Financial Ratios Explanation Financial Ratios Based On The Balance Sheet

If the puzzle happens to be from this month, that would be great, but it’s not a requirement. As long as I’ve never seen the puzzle before, it’s fair game.

Tomorrow, during my commute, rather than training with the Crossword Trainer, I will train with this newly-created Letter Trainer and see how it goes. In my head, I make a note of whether or not I answered correctly, subconsciously tweaking my mental model of letter patterns. First, an answer is displayed to me with one letter replaced by a question mark (i.e. I?ONIC). This Expanding & Contracting approach seems to be the best way to overcome a loss in momentum.

Giving Day Crossword Puzzle

I’m a visiting a friend for the weekend, and then flying back to San Francisco on Sunday night. This is because your brain tries to predict the future, which affects the way you see the world. In other words, your interpretation of the world isn’t objective — instead, your brain is primed in some way or another, skewing your interpretation of the world to more closely match your priming. Two weeks ago, my original assumption was that most of these words wouldn’t be automatic . In other words, it wouldn’t materially help me to memorize them. Yet, after a few days without the Crossword Trainer, my progress flatlined . So, I realized the there was something beneficial about the Crossword Trainer — I just didn’t know what.

I’ve largely figured out how to train for this part of my approach, as I’ve described in my past posts about the programatic Crossword Trainer. For the past few days, I haven’t been practicing in the most deliberate or focused manner, which I was finally able to admit in yesterday’s post. Tomorrow, I need to return to the Crossword Trainer with the seriousness that I had when I first started using it. Clearly, the Crossword Trainer is important, even if I’m still not fully able to quantify or measure it’s benefits.

Step 3: Clean Up The Data

If the threshold is not reached, your brain says “Nope, not an E”. This is also why, after you see the letters “APPL”, your brain drastically lowers its standards on what it’s willing to except as an E. Your brain anticipates an E, because of its priming, letting it more easily interpret the input as such. In the context of the word, it’s much more easily recognized as the letter E, and yet, it’s the same exact squiggle.

Adjusting Entries Crossword Puzzle

In fact, in many cases, all I’ve needed was one more letter to unlock sizable areas of the puzzle. Therefore, it’s important that I specifically focus my training on overcoming these points of low momentum, and maintaining the necessary mindset. But, this kind of training is how effective learning happens, so I’m prepared for the temporary pain that’s yet to come. Today’s solve was a major confidence boost, and I’m looking to ride this high for as long as I can. Interestingly, according to Rex Parker, today’s puzzle was also the most difficult puzzle of the three . While I didn’t actually feel like I got better this week , now that I’ve compared today’s performance to my performances on July 1 and July 8, my progress is undeniable.

On the first day of the month, I explained that solving crossword puzzles is considered one of the few activities that doesn’t have a standard training approach. As a result, part of this month’s challenge was uncovering a standardizable approach to crossword puzzles that can be reproduced by others. At this stage, it’s important that I’m familiar enough with the most common crossword clues and answers, so I can have an entry point into any given puzzle. It is worth mentioning that there is one step in the process that a company may or may not include, step 10, reversing entries.

This Problem Has Been Solved!

The principal means through which a company communicates its financial information. These statements reflect the collection, tabulation, and final summarization of the accounting data. The statements most frequently provided are the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of cash flows, and the statement of owners’ or stockholders’ equity. Note disclosures are an integral part of a company’s financial statements. Prepaid expenses expire either with the passage of time (e.g., rent and insurance) or through use and consumption (e.g., supplies).

  • If the vendor’s invoice is $6,000 the balance in the account Repairs Expenses will show a $0 balance after the invoice is entered.
  • Luckily for me, Bill has been keeping this record every day since 2009.
  • Here’s a link to the full video with commentary.During the month of July, I documented my entire learning process in a series of 31 daily blog posts, which are compiled here into a single narrative.
  • If that is the case, an accrual-type adjusting entry must be made in order for the financial statements to report the revenues and the related receivables.
  • Spring in New York City is a renewal of bright colorful flowers and bustling outdoor activity.
  • First, the program displays a single, random crossword clue.
  • We provide the likeliest answers for every crossword clue.

In this way, when I was using the Crossword Trainer to memorize the 6,000 most common crossword answers, I was essentially priming my brain to anticipate the most likely words within any given crossword. This helped me build up the necessary mental anticipation in the direction of clue to answer. In place of crosswords, I was able to crank through the audiobook rendition of The Big Short today (I’d recommend it. This was my second listen, and it was still just as good). I’ve had less time this month for “reading”, so I was happy to enjoy a good, entertaining story (especially when it’s Michael Lewis). Today, I decided to start at the beginning with the January 14 puzzle.

Then, when prompted, it displays the answer and an explanation of the answer. Of course, in it’s current form , this kind of memorization would be sensationally painful and likely not effective. So, to make the memorization a bit more controlled and game-like, I built a “Crossword Trainer” computer program. Right now, my feedback loop is a week long, and that’s just not good enough if I want to have any control over the outcome of my training.

The reason is that only the amount that has been earned can be included in December’s revenues. The amount that is not earned as of December 31 must be reported as a liability on the December 31 balance sheet. Most of these puzzles were Saturdays, but there were also a handful of Fridays and a few puzzles from earlier in the week. Yesterday, I aggregated 100,000 lines of crossword puzzle data off the internet, which include the clues, answers, and explanations for all NYT puzzles between 2009–2016. Every day, the site’s creator, Bill Ernest, publishes the clues and answers to that day’s NYT crossword puzzle as plain text. Not only that, but he also selects a number of clue-answer pairs, and provides additional useful information (i.e. an explanation of the clue, more info about the answer, etc.). Journal entries, made at the beginning of the next accounting period, that are the exact opposite of the adjusting entries made in the previous period.

Adjusting Entries Crossword Puzzle

In 20 minutes, I was able to almost completely finish the puzzle, with only a few blemishes in the northwest corner. Somehow, after erasing the incorrect letters, I’m able to make more significant progress, using the newly-created empty space as cues to reassess the corresponding clues and assumptions that I made. I proceed to move around the rest of the puzzle in this way until I can’t solve anything more. First, I usually work through all the Across clues and all the Down clues, in order, filling in all the words that I know right away. Anyway, this surprise on the Monday puzzle was a nice way to offset my disappointment from my Saturday puzzle regression. Hopefully, I’ll get a good night sleep tonight and my brain will have a more normal day tomorrow.

At some point though, I seemingly won’t be able to make any further progress. I experimented with the Letter Trainer during my commute today. It seemed useful, but I still need a little bit more time before I can declare whether it’s effective or not.

In other words, I was assuming that the contents of any given crossword puzzle are barely correlated to the contents of any other crossword puzzle. I reasoned that every puzzle would contain its own nearly unique set of trivia pulled from some infinite pool of crossword-eligible knowledge. Nevertheless, I successfully completed a Saturday NYT puzzle last weekend, giving me plenty of time to enjoy this mini-vacation in LA. This is why, in many cases, during my successful solve, the correct answers often came to me instantly, even though the clues could likely correspond to many potential answers. For example, in this past week, as I read a clue, I found myself trying to anticipate the answer before I ever looked at the grid, priming my brain accordingly. Then, I would look at the grid, and because I had this priming, I was able to more strongly validate or invalidate my guess.

This 10-minute reduction is already a promising start, but I still need to cut a lot more time. Hopefully, through this high-volume exposure, I’ll begin to identify my inefficiencies, gaps in knowledge, etc., and then be able to use this data to more systematically approach my training. And, if you want, here’s an 18-minute screencast where I commentate as I try to solve the puzzle. Learn more about this topic, accounting and related others by exploring similar questions and additional content below. Hover over the missing word with your mouse to show the correct fill in the blank answer. Chapter 7 answers – ACTIVITY 83 CHAPTER 7 CROSSWORD PUZZLE…

In the past few days, I’ve been able to fully solve Saturday puzzles if I allow myself to use checking but not revealing. Today, I couldn’t even come close to finishing a Saturday puzzle — even gradually revealing the answers didn’t really help me build momentum. In the meantime, I’m going to continue training in this way, as well as continue solving a few puzzles each day. When I add new material, I’m adding the material in blocks of 100.

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