Best 10 WordPress Chatbot Plugins & How to Add to Your Site

My Chatbot provides tons of extensible WordPress action hooks and filters, as well as a built-in templates system. Another exceptional feature of this robust plugin is that you can view any previous conversion between you and your customer on your screen. If your top priority is to provide top-notch support to your visitors, IBM Watson Assistant should be a top pick to consider. The unique and fast drag and drop builder enables you to get started straight away. If you are looking for the best all-rounder plugin that provides seamless integration for your WordPress site, Messenger Bots is the best pick. Which is the best host for small business owners, and which should you avoid?

HelpCrunch is a full-cycle customer communication platform where live chat is in the driver’s seat. Moreover, the company offers a cool chatbot that you can set up on your WordPress-powered website. Best Chatbot For WordPress Broadly speaking, a chatbot is shrewd, fast, and doesn’t get tired at all. If you’re only dreaming to provide such a means of communication for customers, you’re in the right place.

Helps You Book Appointments

Let’s see some of the unique features you get when connecting a chatbot to your business. IBM Watson Assistant is a famous AI chatbot with advanced features. So if a business wants to create chatbots, this is one of the best chatbots that come to mind.

  • To help reach this goal, their site’s chatbot begins by asking three questions about the visitor’s role and interests.
    • Other impressive features include proactive chat, offline email forms, and chat queues for when operators are busy handling other queries.
    • There are four pricing plans available, with the corporate plan going up as much as $300/month.
    • Thanks to the built-in custom analytics you can see which bot performs the best and customize the content accordingly.
    • Integrations with other CRMs, more than 1300 applications, and email marketing platforms. A free trial, a free edition, and packages that start at $140 per month, and customizable packages tailored to your business needs are available. View all messages from one place no matter which platform your users used. It enables you to add Facebook messenger chat to your website to interact with your website visitors on messenger. This chatbot triggers an email sequence after the conversation.

      Frequently Asked Questions ❓

      However, an AI-powered chatbot that uses deep learning and language processing can adapt to conversations more effectively. That said, it takes time for them to pick up the nuances of human language. The live chat shows actual user profiles for the team members who are currently online. Typically, one of them will respond to a new inquiry within a few minutes.

    • You may be hesitant to add a chatbot to your WordPress site because you’re unsure whether it’s an effective alternative to live chat representatives.
    • See Facebook Messenger chatbot examples from SaaS, restaurants, and online businesses.
    • You’ll find as many customization options as in high-end software.
    • Browsing the internet feels quite impersonal, doesn’t it?
    • Check out 10 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins to Grow Your Store for help with choosing the best plugins.
    • Making your website look the way you want is a robust process.

    Partner with a team of WordPress experts to fully manage every aspect of your WordPress website for one, small monthly fee. They help website developers whether they want to improve the speed of their website, need a contact template, or backup their website. Or, create an account for $20 off your first month of Application Hosting and Database Hosting. IntercomAnd installing it on your WordPress website is easy.

    If things get complicated, you can transfer visitors to a live chat. There are chatbots to answer routine queries not just on your website, but with messengers and social media too. Then, after the conversation is done, your customers can leave feedback and grade their experience with your agent. They can also give you a shout-out on social media through the share buttons embedded in the chat box itself.

    Is Replika the best AI chatbot?

    With over 10 million users, Replika is one of the most popular and advanced AI companions. Unlike traditional chatbots, Replika can recognize images and continue the conversation using them. Moreover, it supports voice calls, so you can actually talk to your friend.

    There are many benefits to WordPress chatbots for businesses. For live chat software, you’d need a live agent available to answer your customers’ repeated questions. Like many best WordPress chatbot plugins here, Cliengo has one inbox for customer messages from social media, instant messaging apps, and website visitors. This feature will make supporting customers easier for any business. Chatbot for WordPress is an easy-to-install, functional chatbot for online businesses. It has templates for lead generation and customer support and even integrates with Google’s Dialogflow to add AI chat capabilities.

    Benefits of WordPress Chatbots for Businesses

    You can program ‘stories’ so the chatbot knows what to say and what words or choices will trigger it. Botsify doesn’t require exact keyword matches to work – it also supports patterns and phrases. As far as flexibility goes, Messenger Bots provide some of the most advanced sets of integrations you can find. In particular, they’re a standout option when it comes to e-commerce.

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