programming practices The concept of “quality gates” in software testing

SonarQube has a collection of rules to analyze your source code at compile time to identify potential vulnerabilities, bugs, anti-patterns, refactoring and poor coding practices. So each environment has a tighter gate until finally production is 100%. I don’t know if letting other teams integrate with a component that is 30% broken is the best way to achieve this.

From this Copy, you can then Extend to create specific department/team level profiles as needed. This ‘nested’ approach gives you the best of both worlds – the Copy QP allows you to enforce organizational-wide standards and the Extend QPs let you get more granular for teams. Because of the way inheritance is set up, you only have to periodically sync the parent Copy profile and the updates will cascade to the Extend QPs. The example below shows how you can nest Quality Profiles to fit your team’s needs. We need a way to compare the analysis results against a set of acceptance criteria .

Link the new dashboard to your Cloud Automation instance

The New Code Period is intended to cover what you’re working on in the short term. Perhaps this is a current sprint or the next version of your app. While SQ/SC can analyze your entire codebase, that information, while interesting, isn’t immediately useful because it’s not very actionable. You’re likely not going to stop what you’re doing and go refactor your codebase. In fact, after initially scanning all your projects, the ‘report cards’ returned might be quite depressing!

  • After adding the above-mentioned tags to your service, the service will show up in the Cloud Automation bridge.
  • Cloud Automation analyzes the dashboard and automatically creates the SLIs and SLOs that define the quality gate configuration.
  • A Compare functionality is included in SQ/SC to make this periodic sync more efficient.
  • To change a value, clear the default value and enter a new one.
  • You can also create additional SQGs and apply them to the APIs you want with tags.
  • Use the Run children in parallel field to determine whether the stage child items can be executed at the same time.

The report is generated on behalf of the API key for auto actions. First, you need to create a release process, and then define its stages and actions. Group An optional container for actions and quality gates. I have added custom BPMN and DRL rules and added the respective Jars in sonar server. I am able to see the rules added in Dashboard but when I am scanning the project, it is taking Quality profiles for JAVA and XML languages only. I have created a custom profile with these BPMN,DRL rules and made it as default one but still the project is taking JAVA and XML sonarway .

Security quality gates in API Security Audit

Formal sign-off and acceptance are mandatory at each gate. The IT project manager and a senior executive or sponsor involved with the project should review the checklists. The assessment of the quality and integrity of the product and information should then be communicated to the correct stakeholders. Quality gates help ensure that a project is well thought out technically and can be supported after deployment. In order to accomplish this, conditions are predefined based on aspects of the project that can be measured.

definition of quality gate

You can see the latest report, with the overall status of the applied security quality gates shown above the report text. The badges on the banner show which types gates failed or passed. For each phase of the project—depending upon your organization—you need to develop a series of checklists, which is used during a formal review period .

Improved innovation through the integration of Quality Gates into the Enterprise and Product Lifecycle Roadmaps

So, project managers tend to build elaborate project schedules that encompass everything and ignore the key gate reviews or checklists that make or break a project. Quality Gates are the set of conditions a project must meet before it should be pushed to further environments. Quality Gates considers all of the quality metrics for a project and assigns a passed or failed designation for that project. It is possible to set a default Quality Gate which will be applied to all projects not explicitly assigned to some other gate.

Design is a process of planning of how the software will solve the task from requirements. Because of that, it should be refined and clarified by many parties, such as PO, developers, testers, and checked by many criteria. The output of each phase is a set of artefacts which then serves as an input for a later stage. For pull requests, the quality gate will also be displayed in the repository platform as a pull request decoration.

definition of quality gate

Fail- Quality gate metrics are not met and issues need to be resolved before production can continue. Add comment Adds comments to features and backlog items. Specify the To, CC, and BCC fields, the subject, content, and importance level.

More Definitions of Quality Gate

Companies such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and many others have successfully implemented quality gates. It’s a process that needs to be driven from the top down for all IT projects. The reason is that quality gates need to be integrated with both the development and deployment processes of your IT project.

Can anyone help me what needs to be done to scan the project with these newly added BPMN & DRL rules. Cloud Automation queries service-level indicators from Dynatrace and compares them against service-level objectives. If the objectives are met, the quality gate evaluation is succeeded. If you think deactivating some rules makes sense for your organization, one approach can be to create a top level profile as a copy of ‘Sonar way’. Copying allows you to deactivate what you feel doesn’t fit.

If you want, you can also restrict that category so that users can only apply a single tag from it and thus single SQG to any one API. You can also create additional SQGs and apply them to the APIs you want with tags. There is one of the main software testing principles saying that testing should start as early as possible. After everything is ready it is a time to release the software. It includes a selection of platforms, frameworks, libraries, protocols, patterns. It does not include code writing but instead defines a skeleton/architecture of needed components/systems.

Such a workflow is unsuitable for a pipeline model, and the feedback should be available independently. If tests are failing, there is a risk introduced to the entire application and it must be fixed right away. You can use the Problems tile to derive the current number of problems when executing a quality gate evaluation. In either case, if you choose to customize a QP, it’s imperative to consider the impact changes will have on the development team and the noise generated. For example, turning on too many rules could result in developers ignoring issues and undermining the effectiveness of the tool. To learn more about Quality Gate functionality, visit the SonarQube Quality Profiledocumentation page.

When you copy a QP, you are free to activate/deactivate rules contained in the original QP. When you copy a QP, you’re breaking inheritance with the built-in profile and any future changes to the parent QP will NOT be picked up by the copied QP. To remedy this, you’ll need to periodically perform a check against that language’s built-in QP to bring things up to date.

definition of quality gate

The quality records are used for reporting First Time Quality and defect data. may, at its discretion, remove any post that it deems unsuitable for these forums. Unsuitable post content includes, but is not limited to, Professional-level assessment questions and answers, profanity, insults, racism or sexually explicit content.

Add the label releasesVersion with the right release version when triggering a quality gate. An SLO tile will produce an SLI with the same name as the underlying SLO. The SLO’s target and warning thresholds are mapped to the Pass and Warning criteria. Querying remote environments or using custom management zones or timeframes is not supported. To perform a copy, you just copy a built-in profile, give it a unique name and then make it your own.

A Compare functionality is included in SQ/SC to make this periodic sync more efficient. Users can also define their own Quality Gates, to meet the requirements of teams with different requirements or varying levels of maturity. One of the core features of Sonar that enables developers to write Clean Code is the Quality Gate, which acts as the key indicator for whether or not your code can be merged or released.

In addition to providing you with information that you can act on yourself, quality gates can also be hooked up to your build process to automatically control a release gate. A release gate is a mechanism that triggers a build pipeline failure if the quality gate fails. To enable Cloud Automation quality gates for a specific Dynatrace-monitored service, you need to connect your service with quality gates by adding two specific tags to the service in Dynatrace. This automatically adds the service to the dynatrace Cloud Automation project and quality-gate stage. Targeting a different project or stage isn’t possible.


You can check the parameter details in the execution message. In the example above, we trigger a quality gate evaluation of build 4711 of your IAM PAP Service service running in the quality-gate stage of your dynatrace project during a 10-minute timeframe. Quality gates can validate any service-level objective , giving you the ability to ensure automated and consistent evaluation of software quality. It’s important that you establish what code quality and security looks like for your team. Sure, everyone can have an opinion on code quality, however, this isn’t ultimately useful as it’s not transparent and readily available to all team members.

Implementing quality gates

When the quality gate is processed, the system automatically runs the query. If the condition is missed, the criterion is failed. Type Details Update entities Performs an update to all items of the selected type that comply with the filter definition. If the auto action is successful, new values replace the original values, for all items of the given type, under the filter definition.

Getting notified when a quality gate fails

Each stage contains actions, manual and automated, and quality gates. With Cloud Automation, you can use quality gates to automatically validate your builds, deployments, and releases based on service-level objectives . Cloud Automation definition of quality gate quality gates are based on Keptn, a Cloud Native Computing Foundation open-source project. SonarQube/SonarCloud utilize a concept called the New Code Period and by default, it’s set to ‘previous version’ for SonarQube.

Related Definitions

As a workaround, you can remove severity restrictions from the default audit SQG, and set them in another audit SQG that you apply with tags to APIs as they mature. Note that this does not fix issues in your APIs, merely hides them from the audit SQG, and you need to remember to manually tag your APIs to apply the tighter quality criteria. To make changes to quality gates and quality profiles, users must be granted theAdminister Quality Profiles and Gatespermission. When at least one quality gate fails, CppDepend.Console.exe returns a non-zero value that can be used to fail the build. If the branch name is not defined, the auto action runs a job on the default branch.

In the Cloud Automation bridge, select the dynatrace project. Retrieve your current dynatrace.conf.yaml configuration file or, if you don’t have one, create it. To configure the thresholds for validating a metric, you can define the metric unit. As a result, the metric value is correctly converted from the base unit to the selected metric unit.

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