SET UP di Larry Williams

L’amico Larry Williams scrive che:
“finding 15 commodity markets where the small speculators are at historically high
net positions. Similar readings in the past have occurred in the areas of major sell
I doubt this time will be different. 
This is what I see:
Cocoa, Crude, Aussie $, Brit Pound, Canadian $, Swiss Franc, Gold, Hogs,
Copper, OJ, RB Gasoline, Silver, Oats, Rice, and Wheat.
Bullish Set ups are:
Nat Gas, Nikkei, Bonds and Notes along with the entire Soybean complex (ie beans, oil, and meal).
Seasonally speaking, the 11th and 12th trading day of March have been very bullish
for the SP500.

Molti mercati non li seguo ma, come sapete, sono concorde con lui con il Natural Gas
(> 4$). Vedremo.
Sono curioso di vedere se il 15 e il 16 Marzo saranno veramente bullish per l’SP500!

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