Using The Seesaw Skills View For Formative Assessment

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using seesaw for assessment

Teachers want to learn about the important features of Seesaw and how it can help them in the classroom. Teachers also want to know about the educational impact that Seesaw provides such as classroom management, creating student engagement, and increased student achievement . In this unit students will learn the importance of assessing students and choosing the correct tool to use as an assessment. Students will also learn about the the various assessments provided by Seesaw and how they can choose an appropriate one for their lesson. I can easily differentiate assessments in Seesaw too. I can assign students the same task in Seesaw, but I can differentiate the problems and content depending on my students and their needs.

IB schools worldwide love using Seesaw

Students are able to see the achievements they have made, but also the areas that require more time and work. Assessments allow teachers to reflect on their teaching and determine if the methods, practices, and activities they chose are the most effective for their student population. This course aims to support teachers by providing them with a valuable online resource that can be used to connect teachers, students, and parents.

using seesaw for assessment

By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators. Lots of great ideas not just for AEN children but in general. Extremely informative and easy to navigate with websites and resources added for extra activities. Would definitely recommend and would have no hesitate choosing another. Hang them up around the classroom and have students move through them at their own pace, like a Scoot activity.

Easy formative assessment

This image shows a screenshot of a student’s presentation on Seesaw. I hope to continue to use Seesaw as an educational tool in my future teaching practice. If you only have a few devices and your students are sharingdevices, using Seesaw to give assessments will still work!

  • Expand their awareness and build their social-emotional skills by helping students make connections and share their work with audiences outside of the classroom.
  • Naturally, like most courses, it is only possible to evaluate your grade when you have completed the course.
  • We also use different external services like Google Webfonts, Google Maps, and external Video providers.
  • After watching the videos click the link below to add to the discussion board.
  • You can also have students show pictures or graphs in the books they are reading.

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Heading back to school can be completely overwhelming. With everything that is expected of teachers- PD, meetings, setting up a classroom… Some outlets, like the Australian satirical site the Chaser, will paywall their content to prevent it being used as AI training material. Interactive resources you can assign in your digital classroom from TPT.

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Teachers have the option to choose which tools they would like their students to use. Listed below are the provided assessment tools and an example of how you would use each one. 95% of teachers report that Seesaw helps teach their students 21st Century skills and use technology more effectively.

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The best student-driven digital portfolio

This is important because we know our skills and standards look very different from our colleagues in general education. In this activity, students read the rhythm on the left. This could be done clapping, on other body percussion options, or vocally with rhythmic syllables.

Here you will be given the opportunity to expand your online knowledge and add a new tool to your classroom. Upload- Upload allows students to directly upload something from their google drive onto Seesaw. Here students can add slides or images directly from their accounts. An example would be if students had to create a presentation and then share it with their class.

Once the students have uploaded their assessment to Seesaw, you will be required to approve it before any other students or parents can view it. The work will remain in the student journal, and you will still be able to access the work at any time- it just will not be visible for other students or parents to see until you approve it. By allowing students to work through assessments in Seesaw, it saves me the time of having to pull students one on one, and sucking up a ton of teaching time. I can assign an Activity in Seesaw, or have students move through a center in which one of the centers is an assessment challenge. By using Seesaw, it captures that specific moment in time. Now I don’t have to sit one-on-one with every single student, because I can have them working simultaneously on assessment challenges, then I can revisit them at a later time!

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ChatGPT – the latest viral chatbot software – has caused internal alarm for its ability to evade plagiarism detection tools. The software Brandon uses detects a range of bot assistance, including software that helps improve AI-generated text. Here are some examples for Kinder – 5th grades using composition and arranging.

You can also have students show pictures or graphs in the books they are reading. Choosing the right assessment tool can be difficult no matter the teaching setting. Teachers can choose between written answers, projects, tests, homework, class conversation, group work, etc. The possibilities can seem endless and overwhelming when trying to pick the right assessment for your students. With the ease of Seesaw you are able to offer all of the assessments listed above, for each and every assignment. Teachers can choose to allow all forms of responses, or can select the specific feature they would like their students to use.

Seesaw Kindergarten Literacy Assessment Pack 2

If students have the problems on paper in front of them they are able to complete them, and then take a picture to show their work. If students are using the provided write on feature , they can complete their work directly on the computer by “writing on” the provided template. “The big issue is how do educators revise assessments in light of this technology – which is not going away – so that we can fairly and accurately assess student competencies. The seesaw app serves music education well because it lets you enter your own skills that you want to track.

using seesaw for assessment

In the next post, we’ll talk about some frequently asked questions around the Seesaw app, and how to make it work for you. When I reference assessment, I am not necessarily talking about grades. Because it utilizes screen recordings, audio, and video, seesaw is a great way to work through literacy skills!

Introduction to Assessment

I tried this out last year and will detail below how I did it. Good morning, and hope you’re well – I’m taking the reins from Martin Farrer writing your Morning Mail for a few days. Debate over the voice continues, the days are going to get hotter with the return of El Niño and the robots are already getting smarter, as concerns grow over use of AI tools in university exams.

Seesaw for Literacy

Seesaw saves you time on organization and parent communication, makes formative assessment easy, and provides a safe place to teach 21st Century skills. Students will learn what Seesaw is and what is it used for. Students will also learn the educational impacts of using seesaw and the benefits it provides to teachers, students, and families. It has given me the opportunity to review important curricular and government documents and watch really interesting videos with expert insight and teacher feedback. I will definitely use this content when I return to school. If you are looking to assess math concepts using the picture tool, or the write on feature would work best.

Assessment is an essential step in the learning process for both teachers and students. By assessing students, teachers are able to see if the goals of education are being met. Not only does effective assessment provide us with valuable information to support student growth, but it also enables critically reflective teaching . Assessment is the guiding force behind student growth because it allows students to see what they already know, and what they still need to learn.

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